NextDoor Nikki

First Impressions

NextDoorNikki was voted the #1 single girl site by AVN Online and I can think of two very big reasons why it won the award. Nikki has an exceptional pair of breasts, and they’re all natural. One look at the tour and you’ll feel yourself warming up to her, especially since she shares a little bit of her naked body with us in the pictures. Nikki has big brown eyes, a nice tight ass, and a silky smooth body to go along with her breasts, which makes her the complete package.

Hot Promises

Nikki didn’t just show up and shoot a few picture galleries to win that award. She’s dedicated to her members and has built an exceptional collection of content. Each month she adds four new picture sets and video clips, two high definition videos and four journal entries. Your membership also brings you live webcam shows almost every day, bonus content including wallpapers and outtakes, and a chance to post on the forums and interact with Nikki and the other Phil Flash models.


The member’s main page is pretty busy with advertisements all over the place, links to the latest updates and the cam shows, and Nikki’s latest lengthy journal entry greeting you. There’s also a lengthy note in which Nikki introduces herself and lets you know that she’s pregnant, although it won’t affect her site in any way. Once you sign up as a member you can visit the official forums and put in your two cents about whether or not she should do her webcam shows anymore.

The picture galleries are the first place my browser carried me, and I was nearly floored by how many there were. Nikki has produced almost 300 so far (as of July 4, 2007) and she promises that her pregnancy won’t impede her ability to continue adding content since she shot a bunch before the bump started showing. Nikki’s site has been active since 2004 (she’s clearly not 19 anymore) and she’s been updating once a week with regularity since then. The breadth of content available to you is stunning.

The advertising for Nikki’s site heavily emphasizes the amateur aspect. She promoted as an amateur babe just trying to make a little money and have a little fun, and the picture galleries fall in that with that aesthetic. They lack the glamorous sheen that you see so often, but that’s a good thing. You don’t want a girl like this to be overly glamorous; her greatest strength is her natural beauty and her amazing body.

Nikki’s image galleries tend to fall into two categories. In the first she’s typically posing in a cute t-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt and a pair of jeans or shorts before stripping off her top and showing us her tits. In these she typically wears a standard bra and panty set as well. The second category of gallery features Nikki in balls to the wall sexy lingerie, like the amazing black corset, garter and stocking set she added in January 2005. In between the categories you’ll find a few galleries where she’s posing in costumes and novelty outfits.

As of February 2006 new galleries come with a video of the photo shoot. These are in addition to the clips in the video section, which I love. Some teen sites claim video content and then show you clips of the girls posing for their photo shoots. It’s nice to have these videos but they can be boring and are certainly not a substitute for video produced separate from the photo shoots.

Speaking of videos, Nikki has nearly 300 of those as well. Each was produced separate from the photo shoots and features this brunette beauty doing all kinds of fun stuff. Sometimes she’ll strip for the camera and do a sexy dance, sometimes we get to watch as she makes a meal or goes about her daily life, and sometimes we get to watch her play with her sexy friends.

The videos fall into the same basic categories as the pictures in terms of seeing Nikki in sexy lingerie and cute teen outfits. The best thing about the videos is the insane quality. Most teen sites don’t offer high resolution clips, but every video at NextDoorNikki is at least 640x474 and they look incredible. At that size you can run them full screen without a problem. Nikki Also adds an HD video on occasion, although not as often as the tour would lead you to believe.

I downloaded a ton of videos that I loved, but there were a few that stood out more than the others. In the first Nikki and her blonde friend are posing in their schoolgirl outfits on the playground. They play a little grab ass and show off each other’s asses while the camera zooms in on the beauties. The other scene I loved shows Nikki in a sheer pink bikini lingerie set that her huge breasts barely fit into. She’s busting out and so was I.

Nikki is a dedicated webcam performer and still does weekly shows despite her pregnancy. As a first time member you can check out the picture galleries from past shows, of which there are more than 90. There are hundreds of pictures from each show and they should give you a good idea of what to expect as a fan while hopefully entertaining you. One benefit of joining is that you get access to the entire Phil Flash network of cam shows, which means at least one a day and usually two or three. There are a bunch of girls in the network that like to perform and almost all of them are smoking hot. To watch the shows you need Internet Explorer and Java.

The bonus section brings you more than 65 picture sets and videos featuring outtakes, Nikki being silly, group shoots, and more. Most recently she uploaded a video of her and five other girls pouring baby oil on each other. That’s one hell of a bonus. The bonus section also offers you wallpapers to decorate your desktop. Most are low resolution at 800x600 so those at wide desktop resolutions may not enjoy them. Nikki updates her journal once or twice a week on average and there are more than 170 posts for you to read since the dawn of the site. They’re a great way to get to know a little bit about her personality, as are the forums.

Croco’s Opinion

Next Door Nikki has earned her reputation as one of the web’s most popular amateur performers. She’s beautiful, she produces tons of content, and she’s dedicated to her fans. Her site features more communication with the members than most I’ve seen, which is impressive. Her journal entries are generally huge; there’s enough pages here to write a book. Most impressive to me are the nearly 300 videos she’s produced for her members. This site gets my highest recommendation.


Making your way through the site couldn’t be easier. The picture galleries are structured well, the videos are easy to download, and the webcam shows are easy to access. Everything is as good as it can be.

Pricing Policy

30 days access costs $34.95 and rebills at $29.95 every 30 days. Payment is by credit card only.

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